My Amazon FBA Journey Following the Amazon Seller Mastery Course by Tanner J. Fox

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Forget whatever you’ve learned about passive income, it’s actually a lot simpler to achieve than you think. I made $2,100 in profit my first 30 days of launching my first product on Amazon.

I’ve been a seeker of passive income my entire adult life and managed to build my first source of passive income while working on my second degree in college. My expertise is in the tech/digital space and I was constantly searching for additional methods to create intangible goods such as software to generate passive income, however, if you’re reading this, I can tell you honestly right now, that whatever you’ve learned about passive income, forget about it, it’s actually a lot simpler to achieve than you think.

Before July of this year, I had only been a customer of Amazon and I had a nieve sense of how the business of Amazon worked. Like many I’m sure, I’d been exposed to many articles and YouTube videos about how people were replacing their income with an online Amazon business and some even making millions. I actually remember the very first video that showed up on my YouTube feed on the subject of Amazon FBA but didn’t actually watch it for days thinking it was just click bait. That video is what eventually lead me to Tanner’s YouTube channel and truly exposed me to the power of Amazon FBA. Discovering Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) service changed my opinion on how making serious passive income online worked and this is where my story begins.

Read more about the Amazon Marketplace here.

I realized that I could run a full-fledged Amazon business without ever touching the products I’m selling and that Amazon would handle all the work from storing my product, fulfillment, returns, and even customer support.

I realized that with certain techniques, I could confidently identify profitable gaps in the Amazon marketplace in niche product categories and that I could get started selling with a small investment of products for as little as $500-$1,000 by sourcing them overseas.

I realized that sourcing products overseas isn’t a daunting task and that arranging international commerce nowadays is just as easy as dealing with domestic manufacturers. I can source high-quality products, purchase them in small quantities and even have them shipped directly from the manufacturer to an Amazon warehouse with just a few email conversations – and yes, in English!

Most importantly, I didn’t fully realize how enormously profitable selling on Amazon can be and that an Amazon business that generates $3,000 profit in your first month was completely possible and within my grasp.

What finally convinced me that what Tanner was teaching is real? It wasn’t until my own Amazon FBA business launched in October with my first product and it had generated $2,100 profit in passive income within the first 30 days by following the proven techniques taught in Tanner’s course!

Why was my first product launch successful?

  1. Tanner is the real deal. He is financially free and is open and transparent with all of his strategies and income streams. He took his real-life experience with Amazon FBA and created a step by step plan of action that’s easy to follow.
  2. Exclusive access. Tanner makes himself available and you get access to his private network of students to answer your questions. Tanner will even personally review your products before you commit to them.
  3. Personal Assets. A comprehensive collection of forms, websites, and tools that Tanner uses to streamline the entire process of finding and selling products on Amazon. Tools such as the Jungle Scout software to make the once difficult and tedious task of product research a lot easier and far more efficient.
  4. Confidence. In just a few hours, you’ll have the knowledge to confidently begin your Amazon FBA journey. The Amazon Seller Mastery course is broken down into easy to follow, step by step modules that cover every step from account creation, to product research, private labeling, sourcing and manufacturing, and listing and promoting your product on Amazon.

Tanner J. Fox is the real deal

I discovered Tanner J. Fox on YouTube only a few months ago. I had a connection with him almost right away. We had very similar upbringings and personality traits. We had both gone to college, played sports and both started our businesses while still in school. But what was he doing that I had somehow missed? How was Tanner at 23 years old, already generating over $30,000 in profit every month? I knew that if could do it, so could I.

Tanner J Fox
Tanner J Fox

Tanner puts out a new video every day on his YouTube channel, letting you see into his life. The more I watched, the more I respected his passion, drive, ambition and most of all, his willingness to teach and share his path to success. He’s absolutely transparent with his strategies and earnings. He prominently displays his monthly profits on his now famous whiteboard behind him in all his videos. Evidence that he truly knows what he’s talking about. Comments on his videos and students sharing their success stories only serve to boost his reputation.

After only a week or so of following Tanner, he had convinced me that creating passive income through Amazon FBA was not only possible but that with his strategy, I could do it, too. There was no question I was going to take his course.

The Amazon Seller Mastery Course

Tanner’s course is well thought out and organized and in my opinion, it offers the best value for the dollar. Tanner has taken all of his knowledge and experience and organized it into modules that anyone can easily understand. Unlike other courses including those that are more expensive, Tanner’s course is easy to follow and takes away any of the guesswork involved in starting up a new online business with Amazon FBA. More importantly, you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of Amazon FBA or online businesses. And the best part, you will have the confidence to get started within just a few hours, rather than weeks or months with the other courses.

Amazon Seller Mastery Course
Amazon Seller Mastery Course


For a small one-time payment of $497, Tanner’s course lays out each step of the process from creating your Amazon business account to creating your product listing and promoting it on the Amazon marketplace and every step in between. What separates his course from the others is that Tanner has designed this course specifically for the beginner. You won’t experience information overload that creates paralysis and confusion on what to do next. He makes the entire process manageable and easy to understand and he shares his tricks, tools and tactics with you. His system works and is proven by all his successful student testimonials.

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The course is delivered in a series of videos through the huge social online learning platform, Teachable. This allows you to follow along on screen with Tanner as he walks you through setting up accounts, product research, using the online software tools, and more. Each step of the process has its own separate module containing a series of videos for you to follow. You can learn at your own pace, reviewing videos if you need to at any time. Or if you’re like me,  you can marathon through the entire course in one evening in about 3.5 hours, there’s no time limit. You can watch and rewatch the course as many times as you want, any time you want.

Below is the official course curriculum Tanner has meticulously put together. You can see for yourself why Tanner’s Amazon Seller Mastery course has all the information you’ll need to get started and build a profitable Amazon FBA business. As you can see, the course covers everything right from the beginning of setting up your accounts, to how to generate profits with your product.

Class Curriculum


  • Introduction/Overview
  • Creating An LLC & Product Liability Insurance

Module 1: Product Research

  • Product Tracker/What to look out for
  • Product Research Criteria
  • Product Research Using Jungle Scout
  • Product Research Others Don’t Do
  • Alibaba Product Research
  • Finding Products By Spying On Competitors
  • Spying On Successful FB Ads To Find Products
  • Product Example & Restricted Categories Pt.1
  • Product Example & Restricted Categories Pt.2
  • Amazon Fees & Product Costs

Module 2: Suppliers & Shipping

  • Finding & Contacting a Supplier
  • International Shipping
  • Sea Shipping
  • Designing A Product’s Logo And Packaging

Module 3: Creating Your Product Listing & Account Set Up

  • Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account
  • Creating Your First Product Listing
  • Creating Product Variations
  • How To Bundle Items Together To Increase Profits
  • Reviews and How To Get Them
  • Finding Keywords For Your Listing/PPC
  • Aggressive Product Launch Strategy
  • How To Get Ungated In Restricted Categories

Module 4: Navigating Seller Central & Putting It All Together

  • Creating A Shipping Plan
  • Navigating Seller Central
  • How To Deal With Hijackers
  • Putting It All Together

Module 5: Marketing & Advertising

  • Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising & Promotions
  • Email Marketing For More Reviews
  • Facebook Advertising For More Sales
  • Optimizing Amazon PPC Campaigns
  • What To Do With Slow Selling Products
  • Amazon FBA Book Keeping


  • Resources

As you can see, the course contains everything from A to Z but that’s not all. Tanner will personally review your product and let you know if it has potential. You also get access to his private Facebook group where all his students share their journeys and help either other with questions and support along the way. The group is extremely active with a wealth of knowledge from all aspects, new to experienced members including private videos from Tanner that are not available outside of the group.

If you’re still wondering if Tanner is the real deal, you don’t have to take his words for it. Graham Stephen recently interviewed him and asked him about his success story.

Here are just a few screenshots of real Amazon FBA sales and profits that Tanner’s students have shared with him, thanking him for their success:


The results are real!

“For anyone struggling, keep your head up and follow the course closely. Thanks for this life changing experience Tanner Fox!” – Levi Bower

“This is just the beginning !!!! Tanner Fox can’t thank you enough for teaching me! Got a long road ahead but damn this feels good!” – Kurtis White

“Not even 2 weeks in and I had to order more inventory from supplier, made enough profit already to pay for Tanner’s course. I hope this is helpful for anyone who’s struggling during the process, keep on grinding guys.” – Alex Grecu

“First off, I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity. I think i finally got this whole ppc thing down lol I made $580 profit yesterday and im at $712 profit so far today! Just wanted to keep you update in my journey. PS: imma need a bigger whiteboard haha” – Pablo (the1whoknocks89)

“Today’ is still climbing. Tanners method. Thanks to everyone who assisted in really figuring it all out!” – John-Sebastian Valade

… and so many more testimonials, the list goes on and on.

Now that you’ve seen it’s possible and that so many other people have been successful following Tanner’s course, you know that you can do it, too! You can see how quickly it all happened for Tanner himself and how it changed his life.

All successful entrepreneurs regret not starting sooner. Get started now!

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Follow my Amazon FBA journey as I share my progress following the Amazon Seller Mastery course.

Update: August 8, 2017

I took the plunge today and purchased Tanner’s Amazon Seller Mastery course. I’m so excited to finally get started on this journey! Due to the popularity of his course, Tanner had raised the price to $797 a couple weeks ago and he is about to raise it again to over $1,000 so I jumped on it before the price increases again in a few days. I don’t mind though, this is the cost of business and I know I’m getting a bargain for what I’m about to learn. Let’s go! (update: Tanner lowered the price back to $497😀)

Amazon Seller Mastery Paypal Payment

Update: August 17, 2017

I spent the last week and a half doing product research following the guidelines outlined in the course. Product research is the most important part of the entire process of private labeling because if you end up with a bad product, no matter how well you do the remaining steps, your product will not sell well. Tanner shows you how to set criteria and filters and use the Jungle Scout software to help find potential products in profitable niches. I’m proud to say that after a few days of product research and product tracking, I finally found my first product! It fits all the criteria Tanner outlines when looking for a product:

  • The product is simple and it’s easy to understand what it is
  • It’s lightweight and fits inside a shoebox
  • It can easily be differentiated amongst the other sellers products
  • Passes all the other criteria outlined in Tanner’s course

I contacted eight different suppliers in China that manufactured my product and asked them for pricing and samples. More importantly, I asked them if they were able to accommodate the type of differentiation that I wanted. After a few days of communication, I had narrowed the field down to three potential suppliers, mostly due to the speed of their responses and how well the representatives English was and of course, price.

As this was my first time looking for a manufacturer, the process was so much easier than I had expected. Tanner had prepared me for what to expect and how to communicate with the suppliers effectively. He provided templates to use for communicating with the suppliers.

Update: August 28, 2017

Today, I sent my 30% down payment to my supplier to begin manufacturing! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get my product into the Amazon warehouse. It was a little nerve racking sending money overseas, but Tanner explains exactly how to make these payments to protect yourself in case something were to go wrong that you can get your money back.

My supplier says it will take ten days to manufacture the quantity I ordered and 5-7 days to ship by air to Amazon. In the meantime, I had to create my private label logo and packaging and email them to my supplier as to not hold up the manufacturing process.

I also had my supplier email me some stock photos of the product so that I can get started on my listing on Amazon. I plan to have a professional product photographer from take photos of my product.

Update: September 11, 2017

What an exciting couple weeks! My supplier has sent me photos of my product and custom packaging! I can’t even begin to describe how crazy it feels to see your design come to life! Today, I sent the remaining 70% balance to my supplier and created the shipping plan in Seller Central in preparation for shipping my products out tomorrow!

Update: October 6, 2017

There were a few delays in getting my product ready for shipment in China and it got held up for almost a week at customs but my product has finally arrived at the Amazon warehouse a few days ago! It took a couple days for Amazon to move my products around the country to other fulfillment centers but my entire inventory is active now and my listing is up and running 100%.

I had followed the guidelines in the Amazon Seller Mastery course and optimized my listing and now I’m going to start my promotions and PPC campaigns to get my listing ranked on the first page of the search results! Stay tuned for updates!

Update: November 7, 2017

Sales have been incredible! Over the past few weeks, I have been monitoring my listing every day and making slight adjustments to continually optimize it and my product is now solidly on the first page and making organic sales! I can’t tell you how excited I am to wake up and check my sales periodically throughout the day!

I’m excited to also share than in the first 30 days of my launch, my product is already profitable! I’ve made $2,100 in profit which already covered the cost of the course! I shared my success story with Tanner and he posted it on his Instagram today! I can’t believe it!

My Success Story

Update: November 24, 2017

I got my second Amazon payment today! Amazon FBA is a real viable source of passive income. Every day, I spend a few minutes to check on my listing to make sure nothing strange has happened and when I run low on inventory, I simply reorder from my supplier. I’m confident that my listing is solid the way it is now and won’t need any additional upkeep, at least for a while.

My payment from Amazon

My focus now is I plan to start my next round of product research in the next week or so in search of my second product. That’s what’s so great about this business, it’s easily scalable! You put in the work upfront and once you’ve got the ball rolling, it takes care of itself. That’s the advantage of Amazon FBA.

You just rinse and repeat.

Update: November 29, 2017

Today, I created a free tool to properly format your product descriptions with HTML tags to make your Amazon FBA product descriptions better looking and convert better.

You can use it for free here.


I also have a video review of this Amazon Seller Mastery course that you can watch:

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