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What’s up guys, my name is Crescent. So, one of my most popular videos is how to navigate and use the new Shipping Plan workflow to create a new shipping plan on Amazon and since I published that video, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me how to edit, cancel or delete a shipping plan that they’ve already created. So, in this video, I’m going to show you how you can easily do that but first, smash that like button for the youtube algorithm, it really means a lot to me, more than you know and it really helps to support me and this channel in getting this video out to more people just like you and I really appreciate it, so thank you. So with that said, let’s get started.

Ok, so first things first, if you’re wondering how to create a shipping plan in the first place, I’ll leave a link to a detailed video on how to do that down in the description below, I’m not going to go over that in this video. I’m assuming you’ve already created a shipping plan and you need to edit, cancel or delete it.

Ok, so a common question I get all the time is how do you edit a shipping plan? Well, the short answer is you can’t. If you’ve already completed a shipping plan, meaning you clicked Finish on the last step of the shipping plan, then you can no longer make any changes to it. In those cases, you’re only option is to delete the shipping plan and create a new one.

However, there are a few things you can edit. So to edit a shipping plan, click on Menu > Inventory > Shipments > And on the shipping plan you want to edit, click on Work on Shipment. Now, the few options you are able to edit are, if we click on Step 3, you can change the shipment date. The date you set here is actually irrelevant, it’s mostly just for your own reference. Amazon doesn’t care when you actually ship it. 

You can also change the shipment name by clicking on the Rename option here. I actually suggest you name your shipments to something more easily identifiable, especially when you get to the point where you have multiple products and multiple shipments so you know what each shipment is for, rather than the default name which can get confusing as you don’t know what the shipping plan is actually for from the default name.

Now, on Step 3, if you need to print or reprint the shipping labels, you can do so here.

And if you need to enter the tracking numbers for your shipment, you can do so by clicking on the Enter Tracking Details button here. One thing to note is that you don’t actually have to enter the tracking numbers. They’re just for your own reference. Amazon will still accept your shipment when it arrives at the warehouse even if you didn’t enter the tracking numbers. 

Now, a pro-tip. You can in fact change how many units you’re shipping to Amazon, which is the most common reason why you need to edit a shipping plan, however, there is a caveat. Click on the View or Edit Contents link here. And you can see that you are able to make changes to your shipment. So for example, let’s say I want to ship in more units. You can see that I got an error. “Cannot add box or boxes. Unit quantity changes cannot exceed 5% or 6 units per SKU per shipment, whichever is greater” So, that’s the caveat. You can only change the number of units by 5% or 6 units, whichever is greater.

Ok? So that’s how you can edit a shipping plan that you’ve already completed, however, if you’ve started working on a shipping plan and didn’t complete it and navigated away from the create a new shipping plan workflow, you can go back and continue to work on it at a later time. The problem however is that if you go to your shipping queue, the shipping plan you were working on doesn’t appear on the list. For example, if I create a new shipping plan and only complete the first step here. And then go do something else. If I navigate to the Shipping Queue, you’ll notice that that shipping plan isn’t here for me to continue working on it. So, in order to continue working on it, click on Shipments > Send to Amazon at the top of the page here. And you’ll notice the original shipping plan pops up and you’ll be able to continue where you left off.

Now, if for some reason you need to cancel or delete a shipping plan that you’ve already created, and there are a number of reasons why you would want to such as, like I mentioned earlier, you need to make a change to the shipping plan and you can’t edit the old shipping plan, or you have unused shipping plans in your shipping queue that are using up your storage limit and you need to free up storage space in order to send in more inventory. Remember, you can check your storage and restock limits at the bottom of the shipping queue page here. The storage and restock limits are grouped by tier now, not by product. So if you want to learn more about how the new storage limits work, I’ll leave a link in the description below that goes over it.

Now, be aware that each time you create a new shipping plan, the number of units you’ve entered into the shipping plan is allocated and deducted from your total available storage and restock limit. So make sure you delete unused shipping plans if you’re getting an error that you’re running out of available space when you create a new shipping plan but you know you have less inventory than your allowed limit in stock at Amazon’s warehouse.

Alright, so to delete a shipping plan, again on the shipping plan you want to cancel, click on Work on Shipment, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you can cancel the shipping plan by click on the Cancel Shipments button here. Now, you don’t have to cancel a shipping plan, you can leave them in your shipping queue in case you plan to use it in the future. However, shipping plans expire after 90 days and the status will automatically be changed to Closed like you can see here. And a pro-tip, if you have a shipment already on the way and the shipping plan gets closed by Amazon, that’s ok. Amazon will still accept the shipment when it arrives at the warehouse.

And again, remember like I mentioned earlier, the number of units you entered into each shipping plan is deducted from your total allowed storage and restock limits, even if the shipping plan isn’t being used. So, delete unused shipping plans if you are getting restock limit errors when you create a new shipping plan. 

Now, if the shipping plan you created is using the Partnered Carrier Program, you can also cancel or delete it here. However, if it’s been longer than 24hr, you will not get refunded the shipping charges. You can see here that it says “Your fees will not be canceled even if the shipment is canceled.”

Alright, and that’s it! Again, if you want to learn how to create a shipping plan from scratch or how to ship multiple SKU’s in a single shipping plan, I’ll leave links to videos that go into detail on that in the video description below.

So if you want to get in touch with me, you can find all of my contact details in the video description below. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment or question in the comment section below, I answer every single one.

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