Amazon FBA Private Label Mentorship

My name is Crescent Kao. If you’re struggling with your Amazon FBA private label business or you need some guidance or direction, I’m here to help. I’ve successfully launched my own private label business on Amazon that’s generating thousands of dollars of passive income every month and I’ve coached many others towards their own successful private label journey.


This is not a course. This service focuses on beginners that are just starting their Amazon FBA private label journey, just launching their first product, or are struggling to sell their existing products. I know first hand what it was like starting out on Amazon with absolutely zero knowledge. I also know how difficult is it to find someone you can connect with, someone that is knowledgeable and able to understand you and help you right away with any questions and concerns that you have or just to get a second opinion from, especially as a beginner.

I also understand how frustrating it is navigating the seemingly endless amount of information and pathways on starting your Amazon business where sometimes you just need a quick answer or point in the right direction to a sticking point. My unique circumstances allow me to make myself available to my students seven days a week through my Facebook group and discussion forums, including one-on-one assistance via private message, personal email and consulting calls.

Through my time selling on my own Amazon business and coaching others with theirs, my experience has shown that as a beginner, it generally requires 90 days to obtain the knowledge and experience with how to succeed on Amazon and get off the ground with their first product. With my mentorship, you will begin on a three-month program where I can help guide and navigate you through any roadblocks and avoid potential issues you encounter starting from account setup to product research and all the way to your first product launch.

This isn’t a group activity. I work one-on-one with each student to suit each individual’s needs and struggles and at their own pace.  Let me help and guide you through your private label journey and take steps that will lead you towards your own successful Amazon business.

Please note: I will not accept anyone into the program that is not passionate and motivated to succeed. I’m am offering my time to help and guide you, not do the work for you. I want to make this abundantly clear. If you expect me to do your work for you, then do not join the program. That is not the mindset required for success nor someone I’d want to work with.

What I’ve Done for Other People Just Like You


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• Three (3) months of one-on-one mentorship
• One 15-minute 30-minute one-on-one consulting call via phone or Skype ($60 US value)
• In-depth assistance with your private label questions and concerns
• Strategize and plan your Amazon business development and growth
• Access to my personal email
• Access the Students Only discussion forum
• Access the Students Only YouTube live streams
• Review of your product research ideas
• Review of your product listing ($97 US value)
• Review of your product launch strategy
• Review of your Pay-Per-Click campaigns ($197 US value)

One-time enrollment fee $797 US

After joining the mentorship program, you will receive a welcome e-mail with my personal contact information and instructions on how to take advantage and access all of the services. I look forward to working with you!

* Space is extremely limited



Extend your mentorship to 6-months and get your 6th month free.

One-time enrollment fee $1,497 $1,297 US

* Space is extremely limited

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DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to remove anyone from the forums or program without a refund for any behavior that I deem to be inappropriate or harmful to the community. Your success depends solely on your ability to take action and execute. 99% of people fail because they fail to take action. You understand the there are inherent risks involved in any business endeavor which can include monetary loss, some of which that are beyond anyone’s control. Results are not typical. There are no promises or guarantees and this is not a get rich quick program, so if you’re looking for an easy way to make money, this is not for you. Please do not waste yours or my time. Refunds will only be issued within 14-days of purchase. No exceptions. Refunds must be requested by email.