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Amazon FBA Product Description Tool

I put together a free HTML tool to help you improve the look of your Amazon product listings and increase your conversion rate! Amazon only allows certain HTML code in descriptions, so with this tool, you can make your product descriptions look better and easier to read.

What is the Pretty Amazon FBA Description HTML Tool?

This tool is specifically for Amazon product descriptions. Amazon only allows certain types of HTML to be used in their descriptions, so I developed a tool that easily converts your normal description with properly formatted HTML tags for you to use in your product description so it isn't just one large paragraph.

How does it work?

Simply type (or paste) in your description then click the "Prettify" button and copy the HTML formatted text over to your product description page in Seller Central.

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Copy & Paste these emojis to use them in your product description or bullet points:

✅ Check mark
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👍🏻 Thumbs Up
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